About Chris

I make art, design and creations. My tools are Photoshop, Illustrator...heck the ENTIRE Adobe Suite, pencils and any form of paper! I also find myself working reguraly with Zbrush, Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max and After FX. I am experienced in concept art as well as sketching, acrylic painting, large scale murals and 3D prototyping and Printing.

I currently live with my all black rescue cat "Cosmo", my Grrl Panda 'n Ollie... cheer for the Ravens & O's and just enjoy this long movie we call life.


  • Digital Illustration Illustration and Digital Painting
  • Graphic Design Apparel Design, Proposal Graphics, Posters, Workflows, Org-Charts, Banners, logos, brochures, CD/DVD artwork
  • Concept Art Drawing, Acrylic Painting and other forms of original concept art and character formation
  • 3D Modeling 3D Studio Max and Zbrush 3D Modeling and Design, Cinema 4D, Rendering, Texture creation, Conceptual Sculpting, 3D Printing and Prototyping Experience



Website Update Boom goes the dynamite!. .


Chris Spade Studios!
My booth, prints, T-shirts and all that good stuff should be ready to do art events & Cons this Spring! Prints available too.




Coming Soon

Spade Store Returns
Hope to get the store back up and running which should have a variety of Giclee and Solar Prints!